Matrix CIB is a leading crypto investment business focusing on a blockchain technology development through a innovative financial products and services offering for corporates, institutional and individual investors across the globe guided by principals of economic efficiency and social responsibility
We, as a crypto financial institution, provide for our clients a one stop solution in Asset Management, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Advisory, Fundraising and Legal Support
We apply a scientific fundamental approach to all aspects of our product development and provided client solutions
We utilize best practices from a traditional financial market as well as the most innovative contemporary technologies, including big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning
We support the crypto market infrastructure development through investments and partnerships to bridge a gap between crypto- and traditional financial markets and to comfort fiat investors with blockchain based financial products and services
MATRIX Family:
We promote technological and business solutions with an impact on a global financial market and support relevant disruptive R&D as well venture projects
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