We support projects using smart money and our own advisory service, to empower them at the ICO stage and beyond. Our team relentlessly researches the market for new trends and ideas.
A blockchain platform for direct interaction between FMCG brands and consumers
INS ecosystem
Raised funds - $60 000 000
Bitcoin wallets and prepaid cards backed by the new bitcoin payment protocol
Raised funds - $18 000 000
A blockchain powered ecosystem merging together real and virtual worlds
Raised funds (preSale) - 1200 ETH
A dating platform powered by blockchain technology and machine learning
Raised funds - $12 000 000
Full investment advisory
Overall professional assistance for ICO project execution.

Matrix CIB provides the project with a team of core experts, motivated by the ICO result and long-term success of the project.

• Includes the ICO'bility outlook and the Investment audit
• Step-by-step mentoring the ICO project with weekly status reporting
• Advising on marketing, legal, rating, and technical aspects as required
• Joint development of key aspects:
- project positioning
- defining a target investor audience
- team presentation
- tokenomics design
- token sale parameters
- marketing and community
- roadshow
- overall investment attractiveness
• Bringing in well-known advisors, missing partners and team members
• The right to indicate Matrix CIB as a project's adviser
• Presentation of the project to the Matrix CIB investors pool
• Assistance in listing on crypto-exchanges and token price management

Usual term
During the whole term of ICO preparation and execution
ICO'bility outlook
Professional opinion on the project prospect in crypto industry and the appropriateness of ICO execution expense.

• Interview with founders and analysis of project papers
• Overview of relevant projects in crypto industry and traditional market
• Comprehensive report on idea conformity with blockchain principles, project feasibility, basic risks and crowdinvesting prospects
• Presentation of potential ways to develop or pivot the idea

Usual term
5 business days
Investment audit
Independent opinion on the project attractiveness from the crypto investors point of view. Making recommendations for ICO improvement.

• Examination of public project materials
• Interview with team and request for extra information
• Investors overview - scoring and key parameters on a page
• Comprehensive report on crypto investment attractiveness with critical analysis of factors affecting fundraising success
• Putting guidlines
• Question and answer session

Usual term
5 business days
ICO tuning
Appropriate solutions for increasing token sales
Post ICO Advising
Appropriate solutions for increasing token price
Additional services
Matrix CIB experts and trusted partners provide specialized services for qualitative coverage of certain aspects of ICO:

• Matrix CIB Legal - full legal package and incorporation in crypto-friendly jurisdictions
• Matrix CIB Marketing - ICO promotion and hype management
• CryptoB2B - ICO investor's personal office, development and audit of smart contracts, consulting on blocking technology
• ICORating - listing, basic review and obtaining an ICO investment rating
• Assistance in listing tokens on crypto exchanges
• Conversion of crypto currency and fiat funds
• Assest management for the raised funds

Detailed proposal for these services is available on request.