Our investment strategy is based on a mathematical algorithm that analyses the probability of token price growth and at the same time on an extensive background in evaluating startups for the venture market.

Our team reviews almost 80% of new ICO projects to discover blockchain startups with the greatest potential. We use a signature decision-making model created by our research department; it is based on machine learning and mathematical modelling, and compares data from over 1000 ICOs. In this way we increase the chances of detecting projects with tokens that will appreciate in value after an ICO.

We can access the hottest deals and best terms of investment due to our connections in the crypto community with investors, advisors and founders.

The fund aims to maximize the profitability of high potential ICO tokens in the portfolio. At the same time, we use the best risk-management practices:
      We are strategic investors and bring in smart money as well as share skills and connections with projects that we support.

      Our fund strategy proved its credibility by showing a 34% return in USD in Q1 2018, and by approving deals with the projects below:
      Portfolio diversification
      Max risk ratio per trade, based of fixible limit system

      Fund's strategy – maximizing returns of the portfolio of high potential newly released tokens

      ● Strategy's foundation:
      - Mathematical algorithm estimating growth probability of the future token price
      - Our experience valuating technological startups

      ● Analyzing over 80% of all upcoming ICOs

      ● Data of more than 1 000 ICOs are used for tuning the mathematical model

      ● Matrix CIB reputation and contacts in the industry provide favorable entry conditions in the most visible and popular projects

      ● Employing best risk-management practices: portfolio diversification, limits, risk per trade

      ● 4 member team